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Sports Card and Entertainment Trading Card Recently Released

Date ReleasedSet Name
07/25/20182018 Panini Certified Football
07/25/20182017-18 Panini Noir Basketball
07/25/20182018 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball
07/25/20182018 Rittenhouse Star Trek TOS Captain’s Collection
07/27/20182018 Immaculate Collection Collegiate Football
07/27/20182018 Panini Certified Racing NASCAR
08/01/20182018 Topps Chrome Baseball
08/01/20182018 Topps WWE Heritage Wrestling
08/08/20182018 Topps Luminaries Baseball
08/08/20182018 Topps Star Wars Galactic Files
08/11/20182018 Topps National Baseball Card Day
08/15/20182018 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball
08/15/20182018 Topps Archives Baseball

Sports Card and Entertainment Trading Card Upcoming Product Release

Date ReleasedSet Name
08/22/20182018 Topps Stadium Club MLS Soccer
08/22/20182018-19 Upper Deck MVP Hockey
09/05/20182018 Bowman Chrome Baseball
09/05/20182018 Topps Gold Label Baseball
09/05/20182018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions
09/12/20182018 Topps Star Wars Masterwork
09/12/20182018-19 Panini NHL Stickers Collection Hockey
09/14/20182017-18 Donruss Optic Basketball

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